Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Advanced Sports Law (L.L.M) at UKM

Faculty of Law UKM will introduce UUUK 6356 - Advanced Sports Law. A number of important topics have been chosen for discussion in this course. Students will discuss topics, including the historical development of lex sportiva (sports law) and jus indorem (law of the game), relevant international statutes and world sports governance. International legal issues relating to sports employment contract, intellectual property and commercial rights; and ambush marketing in sports will be discussed. 

The second part of the course continues with discussion on international  human rights law and discrimination towards children and women; world doping and its procedures; international sports gambling; hooliganism, and stadium-event management. Enforcement mechanisms for example ADR and the role of International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) in promoting the rights of sports persons will conclude this course. 

From the discussions, students will be familiar with and understand the relevant laws and principles on sports law. They will be able to relate the laws and principles to any sporting issues and apply the laws and principles in resolving those issues to protect the sports persons-athletes’ rights. The analysis of laws will be at the national and international.