Monday, 23 May 2011

Golf and the Law

There is one book entitled : Golf and the Law: A Practitioner's Guide to the law and Golf Management by Thomas H. Sawyer (2005, Caroline Academic Press, USA).

Why this book? Golf used to be nothing more than a popular pastime (especially among crony), however today the industry resembles a stand-alone business complete with its own legal issues. Thus, the book is designed for the management professionals who runs this industry, to avoid any risks that include personal injury, property damage and real estate issues.

Why bother? I believe in Malaysia, many lawyers, judges and high-rank government officers spend many waking hours at golf. Do they realise that golf has many risks than other sports professional? According to Golf Magazine, there are many cases where golfers sue other golfers, spectators sue golfers or both respectively sue golf course owners.  

My point - I'm tired telling people (athletes) about their legal protection and safety regulations while doing sports. It is now timely to tell this head-honcho that their leisure is also at risks. That's all.

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